Activities & places of interest


You are free to roam the woods on the island and to enjoy the pristine nature. You can enjoy the lake and fish from a rowing boat. If you want to expand your range of activity on the lake you can rent a canoe or an outboard engine for your boat. If you are tired of walking but do not want to spoil the quiet with the noise of your car, you can rent a bike.


In the past fish and fishing were an important means of sustainment. Today you are allowed to fish with a lure and worm or spoon for your own consumption. For fishing with a net you need a special permit. You can rent nets as well as fish-traps. Guided angling excursion can be arranged.

Berry and mushroom picking

The island is rich in berries and mushrooms: you can pick blueberries and cranberries as well as chanterelles, cep and various milk-caps.


Every summer Metsälinna in Ristiina and Pistohiekka in Puamala offer traditional dancing events.

For families with children

The VisulahtiAdventure Park at 5km from Mikkeli on the road to Kuopio offers various attractions such as dinosaurs, wax museum, water slide, and go-kart tracks.

The Hiidenmaan hiking trails (from 5 to 55km) take you to the Neitivuori, the highest peak in South-Savo, which offers a splendid view of Lake Saimaa.

Culture and History

The rock paintings of Astuvansalmi (halfway between Ristiina and Kyllölä) are among the greatest in Northern Europe. The age of the 65 paintings is estimated at about 5'000 years.

Pien-Toijolantalomuseo (20km from Kyllölä on the road to Mikkeli) is an open-air museum presenting an original farmstead from the 18th and 19th century, consisting of 28 buildings.

The Liittokiviis a solitary cliff in the middle of Lake Saimaa south of Kyllölä. Legend has it that it has its name from two lovers, who perished there in a storm.

TheLiehtalantalomuseoon the island Niinisaari near Puumala is a homestead built in 1899. Its last tenant was the hermit JalmariReponen or LiehtalanJallu. He has been immortalised by the song 'SaimaanNorppa' (The Saimaa Seal) by Juha Watt.